Friday, July 07, 2017

Warrior Hermit

Abi bin Qanubi
28 mm

So I finally got my first Space Bunny Arts figure painted!  I interpreted her as an older woman, who's spent years hiding in a remote desert from... something.  Possibly an evil galactic empire.  This is a lovely sculpt: well-posed, with cleanly rendered features and amazing fabric drapery.  A lot of fun to paint.

I feel like this paint job is similar to, and owes a lot to, Matt Sullivan's excellently-painted Imperial Assault figures... but it's hard to say how.  I have spent a lot of time admiring his work.  Anyway, I think this figure would fit in really well with that line.

"You're NOT the droid I'm looking for!"


  1. Abi bin Qanubi... now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

    Lovely laser sword!

  2. A fantastic sculpt and the way you painted her makes her shine even more.
    All the details, her face and the sword are so well done, amazing!

  3. Corking stuff Allison. I really like the way you've highlighted the cloak particularly. Extremely well done, Sir!

  4. Abi is a real gem. Her lightsaber is elegant work, and (as both Wouter and Blax said above) her cloak seems to flutter and catch the harsh light of the desert.

    And thanks for the kind words, Allison! I suspect that we both subtlety influence each other -- not so much in terms of a specific technique, but in that both you and I have our own distinctive style of miniature painting, and perhaps we both encourage each other to let our freak flag fly. Certainly that's the influence you have over me. They way you play with glittering light and your white highlights reminds me of Impressionism. I love the fact that your work is instantly recognizable as yours alone.

    1. Painting gradients is a test of patience... I did this one not by wet-blending but by starting at white and glazing with darker blues as I moved up the blade. There are imperfections in the transition visible IRL; I think the camera "smooths" it a bit.

  5. That cloak looks amazing. And I agree with Matthew that you have a unique and recognizable style.

  6. Beautiful work. Cannot add anything new, all the others already said how great this mini is, specially the lightsaber and the cloak, I totally concur.

  7. Thanks for the kind comments, all. I have another Space Bunny Arts figure to paint up, hopefully I can do it justice as well.

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  9. Wonderful, Allison! I love what you've done with this sculpt. As much fun as it was to sculpt her, it doesn't feel complete until I can see them in color. Thank you for putting your all into it. It makes me feel very happy. :D


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