Saturday, April 23, 2016

Star Port Hustlers

Horansi spice broker
15 mm

Even in a galaxy full of amazing sights and experiences, most species which consume food appreciate a "taste of home".  If they desire an obscure, rare or merely delicious food supplement or flavouring, this merchant might just have some stashed in the slew of leather and fabric sachels slung about its body.  Horansi drive a notoriously hard bargain, but even if it doesn't have what you want, it can usually find it, for a price.

A slightly modified (tail and vertebral plates added) figure.

Space port mechanic
15 mm

Eking out a living repairing shuttles, cargo lifters and speeders, this technical individual might get your ride back in the air just when you need it... or he might try to recharge your displacer coils with counterfeit fullerenes.  Buyer beware.  Another converted figure.


  1. These particular tropes are high on my to-do list in 28mm and as always, yku have done a sterling job. Keep it up!

    I don't get around to commenting on all of the brilliance here Al, but I look at all of it.

    I wouldn't hate it if you had a "Like" button.

    Keep it coming please!

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  3. Conversions fit the characters perfectly.

  4. Great painting and great characterful conversions!


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