Sunday, July 05, 2015

Prang Problem Solver

Prang Combat Technologist 
15 mm

Not all problems can or should be solved by superior firepower, so in addition to the basic mechanical training all Prang troopers receive, mission teams usually include an experienced technologist.  Skilled in manipulating materials as common as steel or as exotic as scrith, as well as infiltrating automated systems, they protect their squad from threats ranging from a locked hatch to killer nanoswarms.

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  1. You've done the Prang proud, Mr. M.

    1. Thanks! I actually have three more to finish, but it's slow going; today my total hobby accomplishment was to put the kettle on and prepare a new wet palette. Then the kids got up and needed breakfast...

  2. That look on his face, ... :)
    Well done!


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