Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Prang Posse

I finally completed my last few Prang models, here's the squad all together.

I had fun painting these froggy guys, each one is unique in many ways (weapons and armour are all a little different) but with a coherent painting style they tie together well as a group.  Their slightly different body types and facial structures give them a lot of character too; they remind me of the ensemble casts of many war films.

"Come and get some!"
Incidentally, this is the first full squad I've done with the attached bases removed and scratchbuilt "indoor" bases added.  A fair bit of work even for these simple designs, but I like the results!


  1. Great unit, enjoyed watching it come together :)

  2. Ditto Sebastian, and really great scenery-setting for showing off the posse, Mr. M.

  3. Very well done! A very characterful unit.

  4. Awesome job on these! I personally regret tying mine together into a unit... I am nagged by the feeling that they would look better as a motley assortment. Really fun sculpts!

    1. Gracias! They are pretty motley; no two weapons or outfits the same. But if I'd had to paint each one uniquely I'd never have finished them. And I think they turned out okay this way.


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