Friday, January 23, 2015

Yo ho ho!

Oh the year was 1778
How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!
A Letter of Marque came from the King
to the scummiest vessel I've ever seen
God damn them all!

I got a couple of sets of these great little pirate figures from Rebel Miniatures back in January.  They're so much fun!  I guess I needed a break from so many "sci-fi space trooper guys".. or maybe my daughter's frequent viewings of "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" are getting to me ;)  I picked up a pack of 24 male pirates, and one with a few women for diversity's sake.  I love that in 15 mm, that was for the cost of like, one Space Marine.

(Dave Graffam Models has some downloadable paper scenery that'd go perfectly with these guys.  Might need to shell out a few more bucks for a suitable photo setup.)


  1. Are the bases etched putty? Or do you have some other clever board base thing?

    1. Yes, they're just putty with inscribed lines and texture stamped from a piece of actual wood. I threw them together pretty quickly so they're nothing elaborate, Il figure they can represent ship decks, or a dock or warehouse floor. I do have resin barrels (also from Rebel) to dress a couple of them up.

  2. Looking forward to your color work on these blackguards.


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