Monday, January 19, 2015

2015: Heavies and Stealth Agent

Puritan Power Armour
15 mm scale

I got these Puritan superheavy troops from Khurasan last year, and just decided to paint a couple up as post-holiday slump-buster.  I don't know what, if any, fluff to assign them yet so I held off on markings etc.  They seem like they'd be nice Neo Soviet/sci-fi-communist elite troops of some kind (especially painted red like this).

Splinter Assassin
15 mm

The first figure from my latest Rebel Miniatures order (a solid handful of 15 mm pirates and ninjas remain untouched as yet).  This guy is obviously "inspired" by the protagonist of the Splinter Cell video games and his not-very-stealthy green head lamps.  A very nice little sculpt!

Basic bitz box basing...


  1. Lovely painjob you put on those, almost couldn't tell it was 15mm.

  2. The painting on those armoured suits is really beautiful. The sculpt design and the red through to orange used reminds me of the GW power armoured orks from ~1990. Thats a good thing :)

  3. Very nice work, Mr. M! If you will pardon my silliness, I must say that the red armored troops conjure up a vision of chili peppers on their way to bring severe heat and torment to all who confront and attempt to devour them.

    1. _Pardon_ your silliness? I count on it. You may have noticed I don't take all this too seriously either ;)

  4. You are always out doing yourself. Great work. Love both paint schemes and paint jobs.

  5. Fantastic! Rebel's stuff is a gamble to order for me. Some of it is great, some of it is just OK... But their photos make it tough to judge. Your paintup has put this guy in the "next order" box.
    The PA's are awesome too. I have had these for ages but can't decide on a theme :)


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