Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some DEVGRU SEALs... and their "dog"

DEVGRU riflemen and marksman
15 mm

So I painted three of these cool guys to start - two assault types and a sniper.  I tried to stick with "realistic" military colours - pretty drab but with sharp highlights - but they're not based on any specific uniform the US military now uses.  As people have said, they would definitely fit in any current or "mid tech" near-future scenario.

BigDog load-bearing robot
15 mm scale

I felt like my SEALs needed some kind of very-near-futuristic technological support, so I sculpted this guy to carry all their extra gear for blowing things up and shooting at people.  BigDog has received a lot of attention for its impressive ability to walk around in an eerily lifelike fashion while carrying heavy loads.  This version would be roughly donkey-sized IRL.

This was a fun sculpt.  I'm not very good at sculpting anything but pouches, so I just let this take me wherever it ended up.  The fabric protecting the legs saved me from having to do anything too mechanical-looking there, and careful painting hides the irregularities in the rest of the frame.  Overall, I think it's a good dog.


  1. Nice painting and sculpting, Mr. M. Big Dog is definitely a asset to the squad. Nice work.

  2. They look great, The Robo dog is great fits the look of the team perfectly and you did a great job sculpting it :D

  3. Good work Allison, as ever. I have made a start on Gordon Freeman, but progress is a little slow!

    1. You used the word progress. Paint was applied. That is good.

  4. Lovely work mate, I loved these figures from Khurasan as my SEAL team.

  5. This is a beautiful piece of work. I am always a fan of modern warfare miniatures and models.

    Great sculpt on the technological support!


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