Friday, November 08, 2013

Elite Fighters

DEVGRU ("SEAL Team 6")
15 mm

I don't know what I'm smoking, thinking I'll get all these guys painted.  But at least they're based, so I'll have a go at a couple of them at least.  They're really cool figures, no wonder they've become quite popular as both modern and near-future troops.


  1. Nice! I'm sure you'll get them all done in no time at all.

  2. These are terrific minis- I know your result will be spectacular. By the way, I am just about to undercoat Gordon and his lovely companion, but I'm away for a week from tomorrow, so there won't be an early result for the paint off!

    1. The anticipation makes it all the sweeter...

    2. ^ what he said. Also as far as I can tell we'll be the only people who have painted those figures and bothered to post them online. So we'll be members of a very exclusive (and nerdy) club.

  3. I don't have these, but they've been on my wishlist for a while. Really looking forwards to seeing where you'll go with them- 'historical' or 'fictional'.


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