Saturday, October 13, 2012

Space Adventurer #1

Star Walker
15 mm

Starwalker, he's a friend of mine
You've seen him looking fine
He's a straight talker, he's a Starwalker
Don't drink no wine
- Buffy Sainte-Marie

I can't say too much about the origin of this mini, for obvious reasons.  Anyway the set is a really nice one, they're not super-detailed sculpts but they capture the essential characters quite well and the poses/proportions are well-done.  They're all a bit on the tall side of 15 mm, so they might not mix seamlessly with some other lines, but they're close enough.

Also... OSL on a 15mm mini?  Insanity.  Actually no, because it works exactly the same way and you have less area to paint.  But I'm not good at it, and it's hard to pull off on light-coloured surfaces.  And stills from the films were NO help:

Yeah, it was rotoscoped in post-production.
Lastly, I really like how the brown backdrop looks in these shots.  I may have to re-shoot all my Huntarr with more thematic dark green backdrops now...


  1. Nicely done. I love this line. If only the Heritage line from the old days was half this well done, they'd be worth hunting down.

  2. Great job, Allison, you really nailed it!

  3. Thanks Dis, coming from you that really means something :D

    Don, I am unfamiliar with the "Heritage line", though from your post it sounds like I shouldn't bother hunting them down on eBay ;)

  4. Heritage made the original Star Wars Miniatures back in 77-80. They were sold through an ad in a Star Trek fan magazine. LFL shut them down. The range was about 12 minis, including a Tusken on Bantha.

  5. Not really a Star Wars Fan but the paintjob on this Luke Skywalker is Superb!

    Really great work done.

    I am a fellow hobbyist with a modest hobbyist blog. DO check it out and follow if you appreciate what you see (: at


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