Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Dead Snow

Nazi Zombies
15 mm

After finishing the Untoten Soldaten for my brother, I liked them so much I decided I wanted some too!  I gave these ones snow bases, obviously inspired by the Norwegian zombie film Død Snø (Dead Snow).

Grr Argh!

(Hey, apparently the whole film is on YouTube... for now.  It's probably the second bloodiest zombie film I've ever seen, I think Peter Jackson's Dead Alive wins first prize.)


  1. Beautiful! I just finished ordering a pack of these right before I saw this. Freaky!

  2. Two things...

    1. Footprints through snow. You are my hero.

    2. Grr Argh. Definitely enemy... dubiously mutant.

  3. Can't figure out how you manage to combine painting with parenthood, and still produce such awesome stuff... Can't finish a damn thing myself, damn ! Maybe I'll have to start cookin' some babies! Congrats both on the painjob and basing.

  4. Wait a sec. Did you paint their shadows casted into the ground or is it just natural lighting shadows ? ...just curious.

  5. javi - only the shadows in the footprints are painted on. I have yet to master shadow-free photography...

    As for parenting and painting... I paint at 5 am, or just before bed, or not at all. If our daughter is awake, I'm not painting, because I can't fairly ask my wife to look after her single-handedly while I enjoy some hobby time. And I paint few if any 28mm figures anymore, because I usually don't have the time or energy to do fussy blending/layering.


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