Sunday, June 03, 2012

Gun Crazy

Wasteland Gunslinger
15 mm

OK, after some delay, my last Khurasan post-apocalyptic figure!  This mysterious fellow with a big belt buckle and two pistols seems to be "all cowboy, no hat".  I guess thematic headgear is one more thing that's in short supply in the bleak, radioactive future.

And, the long-delayed group shot.  A pretty dangerous bunch...

Wharfside Cultist
15 mm 

Another little thing I've just started.  What's this sinister fellow doing down at the docks?  Some nefarious work to advance the return of the Old Ones, no doubt.

Removing his attached base was a fussy job with the rotary tool, but I wanted this to look a little different from the two I painted earlier.  The floating barrel is an Instant Mold cast of a Khurasan steel drum, not because I'm cheap but because sawing a metal one in half was surprisingly difficult.


  1. "What's this?"
    "How the hell 'm I s'posed to know this is Peaches?"
    "You can read, can't ya?"

    Those are really nice, deserving of better than a B-movie quote...

  2. Wow, that quote is sufficiently "B" that I can't even figure out what movie it's from. But thanks nonetheless Mike, I'm glad you like them :)

  3. Hi Allison-terrific execution as always-thanks for the glimpse!

  4. It probably would have helped if I'd gotten it right...!quotes/

  5. Ah... that was one messed-up movie. I hadn't even seen it until pretty recently.

  6. Nice work on the Khurasan minis! I felt the sculpts were somewhat busy but you managed to paint them in such a way that they don't just look like lumps of detail.

    Now I have to resist some harebrained 15mm fallout project, thank you very much. :p


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