Monday, May 14, 2012

Gun Molls

Wasteland Women
15 mm

The Apocalypse is a hard time to be a woman: sadly, the collapse of all civilization tends to strike a severe blow against gender equality, in addition to mutants trying to eat you. But between Gloria's cool hand on the 12-gauge, and Pippi's willingness to solve most problems with extreme aggression, it turns out the waste lands will have to have room for a feminine touch... or else!


  1. Nice paint jobs and entertaining commentary!

  2. Well painted and well able to look after themselves.....

  3. Nice to see some of your excellently painted 15mm minis again Allison! You don't want to upset a seriously ticked off lady with a shotgun, let's face it!

  4. They look amazing! Im rather keen to paint more post Apoc and this post just made me keener :)


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