Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Psycho killers, qu'est-ce que c'est?

Fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa far better...

Wasteland Raiders
15 mm

In a world ravaged by war, and/or environmental collapse, alien invasion, sub-prime mortgage crisis etc, only the cunning and brutal can survive. Scavenge for gas and canned food, and count your bullets... save one for yourself when your luck runs out.

Gas being so precious, Tex doesn't always use a chainsaw in battle... but does keep it ready for when a psychological edge is required.  Raul del Oso wears the pelt of a giant bear he encountered in the ruins of San Diego, supposedly killing the beast using only his knife.

Run run run, run run run away!


  1. oh oh oh ohhhhhhh, ya ya ya ya ya ya ya.

    (in other news, when I have nothing to say my lips are sealed.)

  2. Say something once... why say it again?

    On a side note, these really ARE the last paint jobs I'll post here before we move in less than two weeks. Once we're settled in, and I have my new lair set up, I'm looking forward to finishing this set of post-apocalyptics. They're really a pleasure to paint! (especially in nice colours, after all the white/grey Riflethings)

  3. Very nice job on some very very nice sculpts. I'm going to tackle my mutants soon, they are just mind-blowing!

  4. Love it, especially the rust effects and the mask on the chainsaw guy!

  5. Really nice, Allison-eye candy for those of us who strive! Best of luck with the move!

  6. Really nice paint jobs there on those figures. Do you have a set of rules in mind to use them in?

  7. Rules? We don't need no stinking rules!

    Actually, I don't play with any of these; I paint for display only. And a good thing too - considering how long it takes me to finish a whole squad, any gaming buddies would have long ago lost patience!

  8. lol @ talking heads' reference :D

    Wonderful results for such small scale! what will be next , adding tatoos to 15mm minis ? You made me want to try some 15mm yet that would bust my eyes I'm afraid.

    Good luck w/ the moving.

  9. Tattoos... that's a great idea!


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