Sunday, March 25, 2012

A couple of small things

The move is getting close so these might be the last thing I post for a month or so. But I thought I'd get them done before it all gets packed up.

Xenomorph Eggs
15 mm scale

These are from Khurasan, sold as "Vespulid eggs" I believe. But we all know what they really are! Hard to see, but I added a bit of gooey alien stuff around the eggs for authenticity.

Riflething Drone
15 mm scale

A little UAV scratchbuilt from a 4 mm ball bearing, putty, and some plasticard.

Action shot...


  1. Some really nice looking stuff there, especially like the little scratch built drone.

  2. Saw these first at Lead Adventure- fantastic bases.

  3. Awesome UAV ! Nice to see scratchbuit stuff from you :) mnnn... those flying nasties are allways an annoyance.

    Sadly couldn't tell about the goo in the eggs' pic.

  4. javi: yeah, I just couldn't get the eggs to photograph well. Bloody tiny, and either dark or washed out. The "goo" is similar style to that on my "AvP: Moby Dick" piece, but green to match the eggs.


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