Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Latest WIPs

Yeah... slow month. This is mostly what I'm working on right now.


  1. It's amazing how good are you 15mm fantasy minis' paintjobs! I think they desevere a diorama.

    The woman is coming out pretty nice I specially like tie color choice. hope to see her finished sometime soon.

  2. I was going to say the same thing about the tie. it looks really good, and you achieved a pretty rockin' effect on her skirt too!

    the little guy is pretty impressive! I have always enjoyed painting the teensy minis, and your doing a great job on him!

  3. I like the somber colors for her clothes, but I also liked the dingy white color of the primer for the blouse/skirt as well. It looked like ivory colored material with a subtle pattern.

    The picture of the two minis in different scales looks like the setup for a joke involving some sort of pun as punchline.

  4. she makes me think of a particular character in one of my favorite James Herriot stories.

  5. Turn Gandalf towards the Sleuthing lady and have him scream YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Balrog, she wrote? (great stuff, especially for so darn small!)


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