Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Country Sleuth
28 mm

Every small English village needs one of these - that apparently utterly normal lady who somehow seems to find out everything that's happening, and delve to the heart of any nefarious goings-on. While not a physical threat to murderers-most-foul, her sharp mind and dogged determination will bring all to light, by the end of the second-last chapter.

Figure by Copplestone.


  1. never asked before but, looks like you apply primer with brush instead of using spray primer, am I right?

  2. lol :D

    Besides, I still have to try myself primer on brush. May the lazyness won't be with me.

    M.Copplestone's minis have always been top notch. He's Legendary. I'd love to see more pulp characters arround here or maybe just copplestone's minis in vibrant colors like you did with bobba (happy) fett. Speaking of wich... I'm still waiting for jabba the hutt to be painted. Its fleshtone would be kinda tricky to mimic.


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