Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Mini Exchange #9! I am sending Sean ("WingZ") a Scrap Thrall from Privateer Press, and an old Citadel Space Marine, originally painted by me around 1990. Maybe with some cleanup and new paint he will look better:


  1. I absolutely love those old multipart 'rines. In fact I fantazise with 'em even while I'm at the bed.

    Thankfuly my wife doesn't surf that much to read those crapbits :))

    Seriously, I think I remember some old rines maybe heavy weapons, painted by you (in the old school tradition, aka crappy) and this one doesn't look that messy but the right color at the right place plus insignia.

    You might take a pic and repaint one then show both pics.Lotta fun (and nostalgia) when comparing painting techniques :)

  2. lol I didn't mean the old marines being painted like crap (note the "in the old tradition" statemen, lol) :P

    You are right, back at that time most of us knew too little about painting and for those days standards a clean basecoat and a drybrush desevered an 8. Even most of the white dwarf's painted minis where rough compared with today standards :9 Put the fact you added texture to the base and converted it and we got a really neat fig. Anyways, mine sucked (and some still do).

    May I suggest Reaper mini's armatures for sculpting ? Also, try milliput instead of greenstuff. Every skill I got today is thanks to milliput; it might not be as good for detail as greenstuff but I think the fact it has less memory and you can not only smooth but bend parts with water mades it ideal for learning and ten move to greenstuff. You can also try a little brick of sculpey for about $1.5 USD. You can work it till you are happy with it then bake. If you find it too soft you can put your WIP in the fridge so it hardens a bit before you continue sculpting. I like your canvas and really thing you have a nice creative talent that may go wasted if you only paint minis. Practice some sculpting and flesh out your own ideas!!

    I agree about Jin Roh but kinda liked it :) thanks for your answers I'm eager to see that velvet effect.

    May the luck be with you.


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