Tuesday, September 08, 2020

The sincerest form of flattery

Mimic chest
28mm scale

Sometimes you hunt the treasure... sometimes the treasure hunts you


Mimic chests are a very popular subject for miniatures right now for some reason and I've wanted one for a while.  This Nolzur's version is perhaps not the most unique, but it's definitely iconic. I love the lunging motion, and that giant tongue whipping out to snare unsuspecting adventurers into that horrible mouth :O

This was a quick paint job; it's not going to win any contests but I'm very pleased with the result!  Nolzur's minis are generally really easy to paint, the one drawback being that their multipart nature means there are often deep recesses that are hard to get paint INTO.  The mouth here is a good example.

"Why does the boss even keep this thing around?  It's a menace!"


  1. Really cool piece!
    I finally know what the hell mimic looks like in A.D.O.M. =D

  2. Fantastic painting on this strange figure :) This tongue is like real!!

  3. That looks great! Love the brush work on the teeth and the notching on the tongue, well done!

  4. Eeek!! Scary! Like the others above, I particularly like the tongue!

  5. That's fantastic painting! Love the highlighting, really makes it look wet and shiny.

  6. IMHO from a technically point of view, this is the best of your latest paintjobs.

    The freehanded glossy texture on the tongue totally sells the effect.

    Hope you and the fam are still doing ok in there turmoil times.👍

    1. The best of my recent work? There's a reason I like you Javi :D

      I'm glad the illusion sells. I don't necessarily bust my ass on these plastic figures, partly because the seams are never cleaned up as well as I would have hoped to, and partly because I kind of enjoy the low pressure of quickly painting something cheap and available. But this horrible little guy has so much personality that I did try and go the extra mile :)

      The kids are back in school! In fact they're at school right now and I'm off work today, so I'm at home painting! Feels good man. I just won't think about the clouds on the horizon, for now.


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