Saturday, April 06, 2019

An offer you can't refuse

Dirty Thirties Gangsters

I painted this buncha wise guys for the same person who sent me some 10mm fantasy characters a while back.  They're Khurasan's "LC-103, Sheparton's gangster henchmen" from his eldritch horror range.  These may have spurred some light research into men's fashion, prompted by such questions as "did hats match suits?" and "who wore spats?" (in this case the two dapper goons on the right).


  1. I love how you gave each one of them a different colour suit to wear. The characters look excellent but the bases are a bit bare in comparison. Perhaps it's just because you've spoiled us too much with these special backgrounds and such 😉.

    1. Thanks! I did want them to stand out, and high-saturation, high-contrast IS my style, after all :)

      Basing is by the "client"; He likes them plain for versatility. Since I don't play, I don't have to worry about my space warriors looking odd running around a starship with bushes around their feet or whatever XD

    2. Hahaha, fair enough 😁!
      Your style works wonders on these 15mm models so I'm not going to complain 😉.

  2. They're a blast! Wonderful shadings on the clothes, perfect!

  3. Beautiful painting for such a small fellows!!!


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