Monday, December 03, 2018

The Fellowship of the Ring revisited

The Fellowship of the Ring

Working on all these 10mm fantasy figures lately got me thinking about the first time I explored this scale, with Copplestone's Fellowship of the Ring figures.  Hard to believe I tackled these paint jobs way back in 2007!  Anyway, I decided to re-base them in the style of more recent work, and see if I could bump up their look a bit.

Definitely an improvement, IMO.  In comparison to the figures from my previous post:


  1. Could be the finest examples of your artistic talents. I'm partial to magicians...and this one I am sure is proud to be in your collection, Mr. M.

  2. I really like those but 10mm I might go blind!

    1. There are days when my eyes definitely aren't up to it... Thanks guys :)

  3. Amazing. I love them. Unbelievable.


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