Thursday, May 03, 2018

Huey and Dewey

Horticultural droids
15 mm scale

Back to 15mm for a bit here, with a quick couple of GZG robots...

When you're a scientist on an ecological preserve ship in space who's mutinied against orders to destroy your cargo, murdered your crewmates, and set off for the rings of Saturn, sometimes it's handy to have a few mechanical sidekicks along to help with the gardening:

"Not wargaming"?  The battle against aphids NEVER ends!

 Obviously, these are not- versions of the funny little bots from "Silent Running" (1972):

Kind of hokey, kind of preachy, VERY 70's, but still surprisingly enjoyable...


  1. Great work!I am impressed by the precision!

  2. I'm glad to see you returning to 15mm. I think of it as your special forte. As Michal says, your precision is always fun to see -- for example, great work on the numbers.

    1. Thanks! I'll have some more 15mm SF stuff coming in the next few posts :)

  3. Great work on these!

    That movie makes me bawl every time. That ending. Blub.

    1. It's an emotionally interesting film, for sure. I mean, the protagonist is more than a bit deranged, sure, but wouldn't being right and surrounded by what you know are terrible decisions make anyone deranged? And yeah, the ending is truly tragic...


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