Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Star Speeder

Scout Speeder
15 mm scale

When the People's Planetary Protectorate military procurement team requested a speeder design from a collective that made agricultural equipment, they really should have known what to expect: a speeder that looks like a tractor.  But, built around a compact power plant designed to drive 30-ton megaharvesters, the unattractive result was what the committee ultimately described as "extremely zippy".

Model is a Ground Zero Games "Eurasian Union Jet Bike".

Forest patrol in a remote area offers an opportunity to "punch it"


  1. Hmm, now that I look at this again, there are a few things I want to fix... mañana, mañana...

  2. Komrade, I love the jet burn in the back of the bike!

  3. That looks great - I keep meaning to pick one of these up to do *something* with!

  4. They're fun little models. Super easy to assemble and paint, and very distinctive looking!


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