Thursday, October 19, 2017

Something Wicked This Way Comes

 Ion Age Spooks
15 mm

I don't often pull together seasonal pieces in time, but here are two kooky and spooky figures from The Ion Age. Both were monthly freebies, from 2013 (Skeleton) and 2014 (Witch).  I replaced the Skeleton's head with a slightly better 15 mm skull from Alternative Armies, and added a festive jack-o-lantern (not hard to sculpt, as it turns out!) and another skull to give the Witch's base some flair.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Wow! Outstanding stuff, Allison, simply outstanding. I do like the "Ion Age" stuff and these are crackers :-)

  2. Thanks guys :) These are two lighthearted sculpts, I like how they fit in visually with all the other Ion Age stuff as well as being very seasonal :D

    (the techno-broom is a nice touch!)

  3. Those pumpkins looks amazing -- they just grab the eye and won't let it go.

    I smiled about your comment of never finishing a seasonal miniature in time. That's very true for me too. My Orktober miniatures will be ready in early December.

    1. Thanks, I really tried to make them look lighted! I'll keep an eye out for your Orktober stuff :D


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