Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pistol Packing Smuggler

Sola Haru
28 mm

Here's my second Space Bunny Arts figure, a roguish smuggler who's not afraid to fly dangerous cargo or sling a blaster or two around (I wish I could say this paint job was inspired by Emily Ong's gender-bending Han Solo cosplay from about 5 years ago, but I didn't see that until I was mostly done).  I stayed pretty close to the iconic Star Wars outfit, but put the red "Corellian Bloodstripes" on the jacket sleeves where they'd be more visible.

And a group shot with my other SBA figure, Abi bin Qanubi (sold as "Jehn Kibo")


  1. Fantastic work! Love these SW climate :)

  2. Terrific work Allison. Absolutely awesome stuff, and nice call about the red stripe on the jacket too.

  3. Nice result. I love the tones an all the colour blending on the clothes. Great.

  4. She kicks ass.
    I'm glad you went for a nice blue on her pants. But I have a question about the shirt... you opted for the aesthetically pleasing white -- but what about the original, somewhat hideous yellow shirt that Han wore in A New Hope. Doesn't hideous yellow get any love?

    1. I think that shirt *was* white, but how often does a smuggler do laundry?

      Thanks :)


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