Friday, June 23, 2017

Let's be Bad Guys

Warrior Woman and Hired Gun
15 mm

"Are those grenades?"
"Cap'n doesn't want them." 
"We're robbing the place, we're not occupying it." 

Here's my second-last post of GZG's spaceship crew figures: the muscle.  Here we have the Captain's loyal war buddy turned First Mate, and a distinctly more mercenary fighter from the crew.  Both very deadly in a fight.  I'll admit to sculpting on the mercenary's hat after painting was well underway... not the first time I've done that.  Sometimes you just start to see that a figure needs something extra.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you... the hat *is* a key character moment for Jayne in the "Firefly" series... I felt it should be included.

  2. Beautifully painted. Loads of lovely detail and shading, which is extra awesome on account of the minis' scale. Not sure why I haven't seen your site before, but I'll be following now!! :-)

    1. Thanks! At this size, shading is everything, at least if you want to see any detail at all.

      So... how did you find my blog?

    2. Hi Allison M. As per my reply on my blog, but I spotted you amongst Simon's other blogs on his site "Brummies Wargaming Blog" :-)

  3. Jayne, Jayne, the hero of Canton! Love the hat.

  4. Very true to the characters from the show. Lovely work as always!

  5. Oh, you aim to misbehave! Shiny!
    Damn nice job, specially in 15mm! :O


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