Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Blindsight/Singing Sentinel

Blind Gunman
15 mm

Unable to finance costly cloned replacements or a set of bionic oculars, this freelancer has hacked a black-clinic neurode array to receive visual data from the scope on his blaster.  Great for gunfights, not so great for social situations.  An Ion Age miniature.

Calamite Cantor
15 mm

While not a populous race, Calamiti are familiar to most other sentients, especially travelers.  The Calamiti believe in the Drowsy Gods, powerful beings who protect the universe from incursions by hideous, unspeakable terrors from other realities.  Their complex, multi-tonal chants, a familiar sound in many starports, are intended to keep the Drowsy Gods awake despite aeons' worth of age-weariness.  Musicologists have noted disturbing mathematical similarities between their songs and certain prayer chants described in the writings of the ancient human Abdul Al-hazred.


  1. But those writings were the rantings of a mad man.

    1. Mad? Or so horribly sane that he appeared mad?

  2. Nice work and background stories for those minis. I really like those bases too.

  3. That is not drowsy which can eternal nod off
    And in strange aeons even Death may sod-off

    Beautiful work as always -- the intense highlighting is delightful. And I love your backgrounds.


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