Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Thing That Should Not Be

Tentacled Vivisectionist
15 mm

Straight out of hell
One of a kind
Stalking his victim
Don't look behind you


The chaotic, murky underlevels of Dropfall city are home to secretive criminal gangs, the diseased or mutated, and the merely poor and desperate.  Rumours of far more sinister denizens abound; in a lawless world where inhabitants can simply disappear for any one of a thousand reasons, a predator can select victims with total freedom.  The Vivisectionist intends to learn the biomechanical secrets of all sentient species, one flayed and twitching body at a time.

Amarjit battles through gibbering revenants, intent on taking the fight to their
hideous master.  Will her blades end its terrible reign, or will she end up as its
latest experimental subject?

Figure is a Reaper "Darkspawn Familiar", intended for 28mm scale.


  1. Wonderful addition to your setting. Those eyes are staring straight into my soul.

    1. Thank you. I resisted the urge to make them red, somehow this is more sinister.

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  2. What a 'cute' figure.
    Love the skincolour, it looks almost wet and slimy.

    1. Thanks! If you look at the other Reaper figure it comes with, this is the "cute" one, just because it's a smaller version. Kind of like when you have a big and small pumpkin or something ;)

  3. SWEET! The 'florescent' green color almost brings this creature to life, Mr. M.

    1. Oddly it started off as GW Bad Moon Yellow, but went in a greenish direction as I painted...


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