Sunday, October 18, 2015

Daring Deep Space Dinos

Chuhuac Space Marines
15 mm

Like most spacefaring species, the Chuhuac have a strong interest in exercising sovereignty over their home space; this includes aggressively suppressing elements such as pirates and smugglers.  Crew and troops on the corvettes Wingfinger, Talon, and Far-Seer are experienced in intercepting and boarding criminal vessels.

Another trio of Loud Ninja Games' fun space dinos here.  I used the "Chuhuac Troopers" pack from for my ground forces in the previous post, these are "Chuhuac Special Forces".  Giving them a higher-tech space-suited look completely changes the feel; I definitely like how these turned out.


  1. Hello, Mr. M. You are doing the Chuhuac up proud! The touches on their 'lips' for me is a catalyst that resurrects some of my dead brain cells: I can imagine what they are saying. And the scene in the last picture had me almost laughing at what the middle Chuy was saying to anybody in the room who would listen!

    Nice work!

    1. He's saying "sss sss sss you who mate with your mothers! We have arrived to dispense justice and chew hadrosaur jerky, and our package of hadrosaur jerky is fully depleted!"

      Thanks Jay!

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  3. Something about lizardmen in space really turns my crank. Bossk was one of my favourite Star Wars figures as a kid. I really must get some space lizardmen painted.

    Those look fantastic... and that dialogue... perfect.

    1. Thanks! I think I had Bossk too. Big scaly forearms, yellow flight suit... He was pretty cool looking.

      There are several 28 mm models of the Chuhuac available, as it happens :)


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