Friday, August 07, 2015

Dino Discovery

So I found these plastic Schleich mini dinosaurs at the local toy store the other day.  I think they have interesting 15 mm possibilities.  The raptor and the pterosaur are a tad off-scale but the others seem pretty bang-on.  And, at only $4 each, you could put a herd on the gaming table for the cost of a few pints...

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

They do have a bit of molded text on their bellies that someone like me would feel compelled to remove and putty over, but otherwise they're pretty awesome as-is.  And scale is at least credible; here they are posing with a (largish) 15 mm humanoid:

"Come at me, bro!"
Khurasan "Huntarr" figure for scale.


  1. Nice they look rather good! I have got some for my 28mm games there not bad figures and come with semi decent paintjobs.

  2. Sadly, I hear these are 4 Euros (2x my cost) in Europe/UK, literally a train ride from where they're made. Wtf, commerce?

  3. Amazing find and a wonderful paintjob you did on them.

    1. Nah these are straight off the shelf. Schleich animal models are really high quality in many regards.

    2. Ohhhh...the possibilities! Nice score Mr. M.


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