Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Multiverse MDF bunker - finished!

Continued from my previous post...

Multiverse has clear assembly instructions on their website in PDF format, so assembly is simple.  After ensuring everything dry-fit nicely, I began gluing.  I glued the surface applique to the outer walls first, since it made alignment easier and allowed me to press them flat with a heavy book.

The bunker's vertical walls are totally plain inside and I thought maybe they could use some detail too, but in the interests of getting this all done in a timely fashion, I resisted until later.

Rubber bands used to clamp the main walls and roof.
That flat, plain roof was still bugging me, so I added some details to make it into a VTOL landing pad.

... on the cheap: window screen and cardstock.
Once assembly was complete I gave everything a generous coat of spray primer.  As it turned out, I probably should have done this twice, since when I put the acrylic on with my airbrush it seemed to soak into the less-primed areas and leave an uneven finish.  But once I drybrushed and weathered it I think it turned out looking pretty good:

In retrospect, it would have been smarter to finish the inside before assembling the parts, as it's harder to do it afterwards.  But I came up with a decent solution: a printed cardstock "liner" to give it a more appealing (and customizable!) interior space.

This is supposed to be a review, so I guess I need to sum up my impressions of this set.  Some of these may be typical of many/all MDF kits but since this is my first, I'll just list them.

- attractive design
- excellent fit
- simple instructions
- easy to customize

- limited detail
- challenging to produce an even paint finish

Overall, as you've probably guessed, I really like it!  Most of Multiverse's designs are more elaborate, but if they're as well-made as this one they should produce great tabletop terrain for minimal effort, even for a beginner.

"I know you can hear us in there!  This can be easy, or it can be hard!"


  1. Hi, Mr. M: Informative review of product and assembly and finishing. Great job of painting and action photo display of the item.

    Nice photo edit blend of foreground scenery with middle scenery.

    1. Thanks. Stock photos of bushes + feathered selection is a killer combo for someone like me whose Photoshop skills are... "self taught". Covers many sins.

  2. Wow, looking good. You really added a lot of details with your paintjob.

  3. That looks ace! Very nicely done!

  4. If you give the building a coat of watered down PVA before undercoating that usually seals the surface.

    1. That's helpful, thanks! I should have done more research but I figured that spray primer would seal it well. The trouble is my primer coat was uneven... I think :p

    2. Or use MDF sealer paint - available from most DIY shops and being white, it gives a very good undercoat at the same time! I've used it on all my MDF buildings and has worked great.

    3. Hmm, I didn't know about that, thanks! I just undercoated another MDF building with a heavy spray coat and that seemed to work too. I think total coverage is key...


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