Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Skin in the game

Flayed Fanatics
15 mm

Ain't logical. Cuttin' on his own face, rapin' and murdering.  Hell, I'll kill a man in a fair fight...  But these Reavers, last ten years they show up like the bogeyman from stories. Eating people alive? Where's that get fun?
- Jayne Cobb

"Grr Argh!"

Once again, I got a chance to paint some pre-release Khurasan figures.  These are "The Flayed, which are fallen human followers of the false prophet who have their flesh flayed off and fight with berserk frenzy until they die".  Pretty gruesome stuff, but most fitting for what is apparently going to be a "Hollywood-style book of Revelations" type post-apocalyptic range.
"Mulder, how is that even possible?  They should be dead or in shock!" "Less questions more bullets, Scully!"


  1. Ah, ah , ah, ah, flayin' alive, flayin' alive...

    That's a very Scully quote, love it.

  2. ^^^ Lol ^^^ Barks

    These look great very nicely done.

  3. Not my thing--a bit gross and weird, which I guess is the point after all--but a good paint job.

    1. I'll admit they're not typically "my thing" either, but Jon asked if I'd like to paint them first and I wasn't about to say no to that. Plus now that they're done, they're kind of cute li'l guys, all squishy and meaty. I'm also curious what the rest of this range will be like.

  4. Wow! won't coment much on the results other than that's a quite nice effect for such small surface to paint over. Dr. Faust (painting clinic, youtube) did something similar but well... it was done over a chaos giant wich is... well, several times bigger than those.

    They remind me the bloody or flayed (dunno, the guys are tiny) zombies from the videogame "Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone".

    The last pic and quote is pure genius.

    Was about to try try that after Faust's video / videogame sooner or later but as you came 1st consider this stolen ! ;)


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