Thursday, July 31, 2014

First painted Hell Divers!

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Steel Warriors
Soul Stealers
Ripping out hearts
They're Devil Dogs
The Hell Patrol

Hell Divers - Sgt. Elias and Sgt. Barnes
15 mm

I was pretty excited to paint these figures and of course I started with a couple of the Omega Squad personalities, named by me after the better and worse angels in "Platoon".  Barnes (creeping) is as is, Elias (standing) is a basic head swap between two Omega figures.  I stuck with a classic military drab scheme, reminiscent of WW2 American uniforms, with red visors (below) giving them a sci-fi touch.
Hell Divers sniper team
15 mm

The Hell Divers' precision shooters can effectively eliminate key enemy personnel and even light vehicles from a safe standoff position.


  1. These look great! Love the head swaps... do you mind if I post this on the FB page?

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty happy with them though I wish they hadn't taken a month to finish. And of course you can put them on the Facebook page.

  2. Super nice job, Mr. M. I've got mine on the lead mountain waiting for their turn in the paintshop.

  3. Great stuff! Love the snipers.


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