Monday, February 03, 2014

Jen Haley MURDERS Khurasan's Paranormal Investigators

I don't normally post about other people's paint jobs... but damn it, woman:

"Something's spooky out there Mulder, and it's Ms. Haley's brush control."

I was still am pretty proud of my paint job on this set, but yet again, Haley shows me why she's soaring with the eagles while I'm still ****ing with the ducks.

According to Jon's TMP post, Khurasan will begin selling these with a new wave of releases starting next week.


  1. Makes you want to retire your tired old brushes........sigh.

  2. these be perfect for my zombie game biosyndrome.. i

  3. It isn't just brush control, but making those not dull looking (After all it's painted black with bits of white and flesh). Love subtle chances in hues like between shoes' black and cloth's.

    Found your post minutes after you posted but didn't know what to say as at first glance (pics) I mistook it being a repaint of you. Never happened to me due to the subject of my hobby but can understand it could be discouraging to see the same figure you painted done in what you think is a better fashioned way.

    IMHO it's just two different paint styles like hyperrealism and let's say cubism, none is better yet I see how you sal theirs is superior at least, technically.

    I like both aproaches indeed.

    1. Not really discouraging... I just boggle at this level of skill. You are correct that her use of colour is sublime, as usual. I doubt her black is even black, it looks like it's based on a charcoal grey at the darkest. It just looks black to us. She really nails the "illusion of reflection" part of highlighting too.


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