Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ice, Ice, Baby

Ice Warriors
28 mm

You might have to be a real Doctor Who fan to appreciate these old enemies who made a reappearance this past year, in the Eleventh Doctor episode "Cold War".  As with the recent reappearance of the Zygons, I think they managed to update the concept while keeping the same goofy 60's-special-effects charm of the original design.

"That one!"  "Duh-okay boss!"
I really liked their appearance in the 1972 (Third Doctor) episode "The Curse of Peladon", where, while abrasive, they weren't the bad guys any more, and ultimately helped the Doctor discover the real villains and maintain peace.  These two figures depict the Ice Lord Izlyr and his bodyguard Ssorg from that episode.


  1. Looks like he's holding two cofee mugs :D One for me, One for leader. Now hurry and paint them, mr.

    1. "Yeah, how about we conquer the humans after my coffee break?"

  2. This a new genre for me. I'm looking forward to your paint work on these party crashers.

  3. Can't wait to see these painted up!!! (I recently picked up Alpha Centauri from that same episode but it will probably be a while before it gets painted.)

  4. I've just received an order of these as well and have the original Citadel set which are slightly smaller but not too much so. I'll be interested to see your approach I have a few more companions to finish before I can get going on mine.


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