Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Time War Veteran

The Ninth Doctor
28 mm

The Doctor: I'm The Doctor, by the way.
Charles Dickens: Doctor? You look more like a navvy.

Finally done!  I'm not 100% happy with some aspects of this guy, but are we ever?  Mostly his skin seems too dark, #9 was actually pretty pale.  And in retrospect, some brown tint on his leather jacket would have looked good.  I thought of adding a tattered British war poster ("Keep Calm and Timey Wimey On"?) to the base but that might clutter it.  Maybe later.  Anyway as I mentioned last post the base is supposed to be vaguely London Blitz, brick rubble and dust.


  1. Top execution as always Allison. If I had half your talent, I'd be, er, half as talented as you!

  2. He's a beauty mate, maybe a little tanned?

    1. Thanks. Yeah I should have definitely gone with a more pallid skin. He's not quite as jaundiced in tone as the photo suggests either. The usual colour balance issues...

    2. Even the Doctor is entitled to a week of R&R by the beach. Great painting and lovely figure.


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