Sunday, October 09, 2011

And I thought NMM was hard...

Beautiful? Definitely. The biggest challenge of my life so far? Oh yes. But so rewarding, even though I barely have time to add this post, let alone sleep.

We'll see when painting happens again... but it will.


  1. All right! Congratulations! It's wonderful and terrifying and amazing and sometimes seems impossible to fully comprehend.

    You'll paint, but don't hurry back just yet. Enjoy this. Memorize it, because it goes by quickly. Either that or the lack of sleep just gives a distorted memory of time.

    Oh, and my favorite observation from non-parents: "Babies sleep like 18 hours a day. How can you be so tired?"

  2. Congrats !!

    I guess from now on secret weapon's "poo wash" won't sound funny to you anymore :D

  3. I've had my share of "WTF parents" moments as a non-parent... but I thought everyone knew babies may sleep a lot, but they often do it in very brief increments! And they can't do ANYTHING for themselves, after all.

    I'm sure I won't get back to painting for months. There'll be so much to do, including enjoying time with the little one. But when I do, I have two projects ready to go... my Tzeentch conversion, and a Doctor Who mini :)

    "Poo wash"? Nice. Still funny, because poo is always funny.


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