Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mini Exchange #20

I decided to participate in this CoolMiniOrNot tradition once again. Sent to "ghetti" in Manitoba:

Giant barbarian (Confrontation), Asian gong and striker (Pulp Figures), Golgoth the Ancient (Reaper), and some small stuff.

Received from UnDave in the UK:

LOLWUT? Yeah... it's a giant dragon, and a giant motorcycle-chaos-looking-guy. So much for shrinking my collection.


  1. i like the dragon!

    motorcycle guy is....

  2. Motorcycle dude is from Ramshackle Games in the UK - some interesting miniatures, very cheap, but some are rather crude and the casting is a bit rubbish. Did get some interesting Pith Helmet/Gasmask and Turban/Gasmask heads from them, suitable for GW Imperial Guard that were nice :)


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