Saturday, May 23, 2009

Don't look a gift elf in the mouth

Caelon, Half-Elf Warlock

Well he's done. I really enjoy painting things green, it seems...

I originally planned for the base to look a lot like these from Micro Art Studios, but ended up being more inspired by a friend's photos of the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat, overgrown with trees and vines.


  1. A friend just got married and went to Cambodia for about a month... he got depressed as soon as he arrived home again. He says they had the merrier time of their lives at Cambodia. Judging by the pics I've seen so far (thousands of them) I'd say you might have gone for the sculpted face on the rock or something more man-crafted rocky structure rather than just natural rocks with vines.

    I understand where your inspiration came from but at first glance to the preview pic (smaller than when you click it) it almost look like the rock is covered with snakes! The staff's color is also a bit weird (bone-like) but overall the whole mini has lots of character and feels pretty unique.

    Love the greens, so vivid...


  2. Yeah I didn't want the base to look too "specific", since I'm not really familiar with the iconography etc of D&D, what sorts of ruins would this guy be passing through? Also I'm not that good a sculptor, and I wanted to finish off this project so it didn't languish past the birthday it's a gift for ;)

  3. love the tree root crawling over the slightly upturned rock (by the creepy skull - nice touch btw). The texture of the tree roots is a bit too smooth - makes it somewhat hard for me to "suspend my disbelief" when viewing this piece. other than that, i love it. I always like you non-army pieces the best :P


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