Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WW2 Big & Stompy

Normandy 1944
15 mm scale

All done! I like how this turned out, the street is a little "clean" but I didn't want it overwhelmed with rubble etc. The ruined walls are made of a kind of fiberboard, with tiny gravel as the brick rubble.

I've been meaning to get back to my more "traditional" miniatures, but my brother went and got me some more WW2 stuff for Christmas! So I suppose I'll have to paint those at some point too...

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  1. I like it this way, clean presentation and vivid colors.

    I hate when people forget that in fact we all are playing with little soldiers, hence toys, and overdo it searching for the ultimate ultra realist supergritty effect.

    A solid 8 for nowadays standards but a no brainer 10 with the 90s style ('eavy metal brighter-color years) in mind.


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