Sunday, November 16, 2008

More WW2

US "General Early" walker and M-20 Scout Car
~35 mm

Some real and fictional WW2 American gear.


  1. can't find those walkers anywhere... they look 15mm scale wich would be a bless since for long I wanted to do a 15mm weird(sci-fi)-vietnam style diorama. Good 15mm US 'nam soldiers are hard to find too (specially the "hero" type figure with no shirt... I guess I'll have to mod-a-lot o figs).

    The walker looks straight out from the axis, hope to see it painted (ANYTIME SOON) on greys. :)

  2. ANYTIME SOON? LOL :) Yeah don't worry... I'll do these pretty quickly. They're for fun, not months of agonized blending and swearing at the paintbrushes.

    Sadly these walkers are out of production, but there are a lot of other robot type minis that could be converted to 15mm scale fairly easily. And in my opinion you could convert "Flames of War" WW2 Americans to Vietnam Americans pretty easily. They're so tiny, a few bits added on to their rifles would be good enough to pass inspection.

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