Sunday, August 17, 2008

Misty Mountain Sam

Nobody knew where Sam was really from, or why he had left there to hire out his pistols in the scrubby towns between Gondor and Harad. But one thing was for certain, no-one ever dared call him "short" to his face.


  1. Clever conversion, and as far as I remember the mini wasn't exactly a pleasure to work with.You did it justice but IMHO that's not your best paintjob to date. I'm not really sure about those green parts you added to the palette.

    On the other hand, the base is a blast, wood feels like real (texture and weight) on par with the given mini scale.

    Nice to see you still paint stuff. Seems everyone is having hard times to sit down few hors to paint.


  2. i love the wood too - it's perfect. that's one hell of a beard, i bet he has to brush it every day :P

  3. yeah, hairy as a far west hippie! lacks a flower popping out each gun and replace hat for bandana :D


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