Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gingerbread in excelsis gloria

Merry Christmas/Eid/Chanukah everyone!

I made a gingerbread house again this year. It was modeled after Le Corbusier's avant-garde church "Notre Dame du Haut", built in 1954 (which I visited as a child). Lighting was a white LED inside.

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  1. Details on this terrain piece are trully delicious!

    Packing back terrain off the gaming table to its box at the end of a match was always the worst part for me, but with pieces like those you create gettin rid of the stuff on the table would be more like a lunch!

    May we get someday a tutorial on food modelling ? Never gave it a try myself but sure it's fun! To lit up pieces is also something I've never done and would like to.

    Hope you had merry xmas!



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