Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Abandoned... complete

Abandoned Warrior
30 mm

Now complete, with a natural base and source-lighting effects!

The tropical fronds are masking tape over wire, cut and painted. The leaf litter is Club House Italian Seasoning. The snake is poisonous... or not, I can never remember :D


  1. Great looking necron. I was about to coment in the previous post that IMHO it doesn't look like rust but makes a really good and shiny cooper real life-like(see for vivid cooper wire)

    I wish I could achive those source light results, quite impressive specially dramatic in the face areas.

    Base is really nice but ground maybe lacks a bit of green.

  2. Nice job Allison,

    I like the lighting effects on the jaw...and its super hard to believe that masking tape can look so cool!

  3. love the lighting, i had to go back and find it after reading your comment - it occurred to me then that it wasn't actually glowing :P i would like to see the snake a bit more buried in the leaf litter, but otherwise another great mini.


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