Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dark Things

This piece is getting surprisingly close to completion, I've put gloss acrylic medium on as (muddy) water... whether it's convincing or not is another matter, but I'm hoping it looks more natural once the grass and vegetation etc. is added. I'm thinking the corpse needs a bit of blood too.

30 mm

This is one of the figures I received in the latest Mini Exchange. It's a ghoul - not an undead creature, but a pseudo-humanoid which roams the night, feeding on corpses. Delish!


  1. It looks really good, and I think the vegetation will make the water come together a little more. The risk in the piece is that people will view her as the assailant and not as an investigator, but I don't have any suggestions to better indicate her role.

    Are you still going with the title "Nasty Business Behind the Vicarage"? I really liked that one.

  2. I might go with "A nasty discovery...", that might make the lady's intended role clearer.

  3. And I might go around feeding on corpses. Delish!

  4. I kind of like that the old lady has an ambiguous role - keeps the piece intriguing and open to interpretation ...always a good thing in art!! great work :)


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