Thursday, March 22, 2007


I was originally going to paint my helicopter chick here up with a big British flag on her battle knickers, it seemed fitting for a steampunk character. But the general anime style of her pose and hair changed my mind, so I redirected her nationality a bit. Later in the process she'll have a rising sun motif on her torso. I wish I'd given her a katana though...

Oh, and I can already tell the helicopter is going to be a pain in the ass to paint.


  1. The katana would be kinda cool... and since it would be you doing all the work and not me, I say go for it!

    The question is do you have a katana lying around?

  2. Agree w/ Mike, go for it! :D

    Heartbreaker hobbies produced a range of weapons for converting warzone-mutant chronicles miniatures and the pack featured a nice katana.

    Rest In Peace Heartbreaker...

    Love the cyberpunk feel.


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