Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Feeling of Accomplishment

"Buger thyss, I'm goinge home!"
28 mm

Well he's done, I mounted him on this little wooden base to make him a little more gift-worthy. The dead grass is bristles from a cheap paintbrush. My dad will have to wait a little longer for his gift though, I can't bring myself to put this guy in the mail...

Just in time too, there's another Mini Exchange underway. "Thoth the Keeper of Scrolls" is on his way to dougaderly in New Hampshire.


  1. nice work Allison, you're dad will love it. I like the new one too - feels very gryphon-like.

  2. Excellent Thoth - I'd love to know which range makes him.

  3. Yup great Djehuty, my fav egyptian "god" indeed.

    It looks like it's from Crocodile Games.


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