Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Received from Tidoco2222 for Miniature Exchange #9:

Confrontation "Metatron" and GW "Dark Elf of some sort".

GW "power-armoured Orc" and Scibor Miniatures' "robed cyborg".

I'll probably paint the cyborg guy first, he looks intriguing. Personal issues have stalled my painting lately but my Mystery Pirate is about 2/3 done...


  1. Are those Scibor minis casted in resin ? looks like they are.

    I'm looking forward this one painted by you probably in dark red palette and really dirty like old john blanche's messy artwork (I've been away from GW too long so maybe that wasn't the name oh that watery looking paintings).

    Besides, and not in a hater vibe I still think Scibor minis are pretty mediocre (that is not bad but neither good) and rough detailed and still this guy is producing and selling. He is such a (capitals here) GREAT businessman wich ain't a bad thing :)

    I'd be so happy to get my minis casted (just casted would be enough, I don't even have interest on taking a dime from anyone) I looks like lots of excitement.

    I miss so much ye ol' style power armor orcs.

    Oh, may I suggest Vallejo's metallic medium mixed in with the highlight tones for a perlescent-like velvet effect? I'm very curious on how will your velvet experiment come out.


  2. Hey, just wanted to thank for the link in your blog (I'm a liar and a fat bastard you can subtitle my sentece as : " where the heck are your sculpted from scratch greenstuff mini ? and I meant fi-ni-shed " :)

    It would be so sweet to see it finished but I guess you quit since you aren't too fond on sculpting :( I recall when I saw WIP pics of it in 2005 I was thrilled. There aren't really awful sculpted minis. Even stuf made by a newbie can teach you a lot (or maybe its just me who gets amazed and inspired at peeping everyone's works)


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