Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nurgle Champion WIP

I'm actually close to done this guy:

Cheeky bastard!

I need to finish all the brown leather and bone highlights, and fix my initial attempt to paint a "rusty" sword with sharp, shiny edges.

Here's my test piece for that rusty sword, using this 9-step method:


  1. A nice job of highlighting the bone armor and the robe, unfortunately the mini just doesnt stand out for me at all. Too subtle I guess. I mean I wouldnt want to meet him on a dark night or anything but hes like the chaos sorcerer who always got beat up in the sanitorium yard for being a wuss - "you little geek, you only inspire mild aprehension" Beat! Beat! Wedgie!

  2. ye olde rustie sword sure looks better than the 9 step rust-utorial but I still like the 3 step results better.

    Something like that (the orange tones on iron always gave me creeps) would be great used on the nurgle warlock sword wich actually should be stripped IMHO. Everything else on the nurgle boy is great, from the robe to the oldschool mini itself.

    LOL funny composition, if you don't mind I shall use that button joke on one of my upcoming sculpts (with the button places somewhere in a wall attached to the base :P)


  3. the button is really funny,

    but lets face it. The photoshop air brushing around the outside is pure amateur.


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