Saturday, November 19, 2005


I've been working on the gold bits on Sophie, using the "non-metallic metal" method. This technique is a freaking pain in the ass! And it looks terrible until almost the moment you finish it, at which point it "pops" (or it may not because I did it wrong).

Of course, "real painters" almost always use this technique, not metallic paints:

Even in this dramatic and bloody work The Third of May, Francisco Goya took the time to carefully render a metallic shine on the soldiers' rifles, using only normal paints. The result is strikingly convincing.

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  1. It looks good so far. Just remember two things: Light source and contrast. You need the white glint to make it shine, and the light source that causes the effect must be uniform or it is not convincing!

    Have fun :D


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