Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mousling... almost done!

I'm just about done this little guy, I have to put the finishing touches on his hat and accoutrements and he'll be ready for the display case! Gotta love Italian seasoning mix - instant foresty leaf litter basing material which costs nothing! For best results, however, each piece should be glued on individually:

I'm not quite sure the gleam in his eyes looks right, but mouse eyes are solid black and I'm not sure how better to depict shiny black spheres. Easy enough to fix at any rate.


  1. Good point on the eyes, they look a bit creepy (zombie-mouse?). I particulary like the hands/paws and the yellow hat. If i had a pet rat, I would teach it to play the accordian.

  2. Hey nice job.

    I think it looks great. But I can see wanting to avoid having the eyes look like cataracts or something.

    Still a really nice paint job. I love the base.


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